Royal expert: I don’t think it’s time for Prince William yet

Celebrations of the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II (96) keep all of London in suspense. As people honor and honor their queen, emotional thoughts keep mingling in people’s minds. As the Queen is already 96 years old, she may not live to see her 75-year reign, which will be in 2027. With her decision to designate Duchess Camilla (74) the future “Queen of the Queen”, the regent has removed all doubts about her successor. She made the move once again: Prince Charles (73) will follow her to the throne.

Many Britons – at least according to the opinion of the younger generation – do not want the son, but the grandson of the Queen to be the future king: Prince William (39). But is Duchess Kate’s husband (40) qualified for the role? “No,” says royal expert Victoria Howard. “William is not ready to be king yet,” the 27-year-old said in an interview with

Why do the insiders think so? You betrayed us. In the video you can hear and see the opinion of Victoria Howard!

Prince Charles: He’s already allowed to practice King

As the Queen has had health issues – and above all movement restrictions – for months, the Prince of Wales has been allowed to officially represent his mother more often. In the historic opening of Parliament, the future regent of the United Kingdom managed to impress many in his role. And the nobility expert Victoria Howard is convinced: “Charles has been preparing all his life to take the throne. I’m sure he will do well.”

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What would she look like when Charles took over as Queen? There is a bit of flair in the video.

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