June 22, 2024

Rowing the European markets in Munich: German rowers disappoint - also 8th without an EM medal

Rowing the European markets in Munich: German rowers disappoint – also 8th without an EM medal

Status: 08/13/2022 2:06 PM

A disappointment for eight Germany who could not win a medal at the European Championships.

The German Rowing Society’s (DRV) review boat could not keep the already sober record of the hosts. In many boating classes, the DRV followed or did not even start at all. The newly formed eight also faced massive problems in the run-up to the European Championship when lead athlete Matisse Schönheuer had to faint due to his injury. He was replaced by Torben Johansen of Hamburg as a hitter.

The Dutchman with an amazing final race

The German eight did not get off to a good start in the regatta at Oberschleißheim, but they managed to quickly overtake the Romanians and then Italy as well. The British rowed for victory, and behind them things became dramatic. The Dutch, getting off to a bad start, ignited the turbo engine and raised themselves to the silver medal. In the end, the Italians were stronger than the boat from the Rowing Training Center in Dortmund.

“Huge building sites in German rowing”

Hanis Osek, who was still on board the German pioneer’s boat at the Olympics, clearly criticized the ARD expert in the microphone: “Why have other countries like Britain and Romania managed to dominate like this? There are huge construction sites in Germany rowing that is being worked on” to become.”

There was also a bitter disappointment in the women’s quadruple rowing final, where the German crew finished last, more than 20 seconds behind the winner from Great Britain. Of the men’s quads rowboats – back in the day the German flagship has always been – there was nothing to see in the final round. The boat already had to pass beforehand because the team had contracted the virus.

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