October 3, 2023

Roman Mityukov runs an exploit

Roman Mityukov runs an exploit

Swimming – Roman Mitiukov qualified for the final Thursday night (7:01pm) by placing 7th in the 200m backstroke at the World Track Championships in Budapest.

After failing in the crawl distances, Mityukov hit a backhand. On Wednesday morning a 12th-place finisher (1:58.61) was not among the top contenders for the evening’s final. But the man from Geneva, who won bronze in the 200m back at the European Championships last year, improved his time to 1:57.08 after a modest season so far and is now within reach of the Swiss record (1:56.33) again. “I had to tear myself apart this time,” said the soon-to-be 22-year-old. “But the back blow is the discipline of my heart.”

On the other hand, the women’s 200m breaststroke final will be held without Lisa Mammy who finished second at the European Championships. The Zurich native had announced that the 100m breaststroke was allowed a few days ago due to groin problems, at first he swam a modest time (2:27.28). In the evening it clocked in at 2:25.56 min. As No. 10, she missed the final by only 45 percent.

The third Swiss water sports representative, on Wednesday morning, Maria Ogolkova, failed to crawl over 100 metres. She missed the top 16 semi-finals with a time of 54.78 out of 22 percent.

young and fast

Only 15-year-old Summer Mackintosh was crowned world champion in the 200m Dolphin. The Canadian set a junior world record with a powerful final sprint of 2:05.20 minutes. This was her second medal in title fights in the Hungarian capital. She won a silver medal in the 400-meter crawl.

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In the men’s 100-meter crawl, the main hero was also young and very fast. Romanian David Popovici, 17, won with a time of 47.58 seconds, ahead of French Maxime Grosset and Canadian Joshua Lindo Edwards. Popovici had already secured the title over twice the distance on Monday.

For top swimmer Caleb Dressel, the world championships are already over. The seven-time Olympic champion withdrew before Wednesday’s competitions due to medical reasons. He previously won the gold medal twice in Budapest.