Roman Kostomarov can talk to his wife again

He woke up from the coma

The Olympic champion can speak again, and his wife sneaks him a ruse

Roman Kostomarov, the 2006 Russian Olympic figure skating champion, had both his feet and parts of his hands amputated. He has now awakened from an induced coma and can communicate with his loved ones.


Roman Costomaro, 46, woke up from an induced coma.


  • The 2006 Russian Olympic figure skating champion, Roman Kostomaro, developed severe pneumonia.

  • To save his life, his feet and parts of his hands were amputated.

  • Now Kostomarow has woken up from the artificial coma and can talk to his wife.

After a long drama about the Russians Snowboarder Roman Costomaro is now following the good news. On Friday, it became known that the 46-year-old had awakened from an induced coma. Now the news agency “TASS” reports that he can talk to his wife Oksana Domnina again.

As reported by “”, the 38-year-old sneaks up on the 2006 Olympic champion with a ruse so as not to attract unnecessary attention and spend time alone with Kostomarov. So Domina dresses up as a nurse. She never left Kostomarov’s side, with whom she has been married since 2014 and has two children.

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Amputation of the feet and parts of the hands

When the Olympic champion celebrated his birthday on February 8th, Domnina posted a declaration of love on Insta. She wrote, appealing to her husband’s fighting spirit: “Happy birthday, my hero, my mightiest, my darling, my hero in everything!”

Kostomarov suffered severe pneumonia on 10 January. His health continued to decline. The Russian was placed in an artificial coma. To save his life, he had to Amputation of the feet and parts of the hands. As a result, he had a cerebral hemorrhage and strokes. As mentioned, he’s now awake again and can talk to his wife, but he’s still anxious.

Despite the amputations that have occurred, necrosis continues to progress: this means that cells and tissues continue to die irreversibly. Also, his immune system is not working yet, so his condition remains critical. Ilya Averbukh, an old comrade, told TASS: “We pray. I admire Oksana and Roman’s mother for their courage.”

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