April 25, 2024

Roger Burlind, Tony’s winning producer on Broadway, dies at age 90

However, he was not born into the theater. Despite his young aspirations as a songwriter, he found work on Wall Street and became a partner to a brokerage before the death of his wife and three of four children in a plane crash in June 1975 in New York City that changed the course of his life.

He said Times In 1998, building a business and making money no longer made sense to him.

Ultimately, he turned to Broadway, and redefined himself with a new career.

His second wife, Brooke Berlind, determined the switch in terms of stage.

“His life was completely divided because of the accident,” she said. “There was Chapter 1 and Law Two. I don’t think many other people could have moved forward to achieve such success after this disaster.”

His first 1976 production of Rex, a Richard Rodgers musical about Henry VIII, was criticized by a Times Theater critic. His most recent show, a Tonya winner brought to the stage by several producers, was the Rodgers and Hammerstein revival of 2019 Oklahoma.

Other shows included the original 1980 production of AmadeusWho won a Tony Award for Best Play, and Sophisticated ladies, A 1981 musical with a two-year run featuring Duke Ellington’s music.

It included starry revivals The death of a salesman In 2012 with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Hello Dolly In 2017 with Bette Midler.

Throughout his career, Berlinde has taken on failures in successes, and has found value in some losing products.

He said, “I know it’s not economically worth it.” times In 1998. “But I love theater.”

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Berlinde showed his own flair in the dramatic events after the September 11 attacks when he took on Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s encouragement on Broadway and appeared on stage on September 23 after completing what was to be his last performance. Kiss me, Kate.

He announced to an emotional audience that “the show will go on”, extending a two-year term to three months despite falling sales.

Among the survivors are his wife, son, two granddaughters and a brother.