May 27, 2024

RKI: Great Britain is now a region at risk - the Canary Islands are no longer

RKI: Great Britain is now a region at risk – the Canary Islands are no longer

As always, the updated list of hazards, virus variants and high infection areas in Germany will arrive in us this week in time for the upcoming weekend. Robert Koch Institute.

In fact, RKI’s weekly update this week is much shorter than it was last time. Many countries – including the Balkan states of Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – have been downgraded from high-risk areas to risk areas. However, the UK is new to the list. With the elimination of the Canary Islands, there is at least a positive development for all vacationers. The list reads against a new background this week anyway, after a decision was made to suspend the quarantine obligation for travelers who have been vaccinated, recovered, and negatively tested returning from risk areas. Overview.

RKI removes the Canary Islands from the list

As always, let’s start with the positive news this week, though it may be more inclusive: The Canary Islands It is no longer classified as a dangerous area due to the stable low infection condition. This results in beautiful vacation opportunities, especially with a view of the upcoming Whitsun days. One also falls off the list Autonomous city of Ceuta Ceuta is a Spanish city on the coast of North Africa, on the Strait of Gibraltar. However, these are the only two areas that were completely excluded from the list. At least there are no new high-infested areas this week.


Another positive development can also be seen in some other countries and regions. A number of areas that were previously considered “only” high incidence areas are listed as risk areas. This development applies to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Jordan, KosovoAnd the fromLebanon, North Macedonia, Palestinian Territories, The Ukraine Such as Serbia.

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The United Kingdom has re-designated a danger zone

But there are also new risk areas that were previously not on the list. While the situation has changed in the past few weeks United kingdom Relieved and the country removed from the RKI list, with today’s update, it is again categorized as a danger zone. This includes northern Ireland, The Isle of Man As well as everyone else Channel Islands And all British Overseas Territories. This decision was made because a “at least limited” occurrence of the Indian virus mutation was found in the United Kingdom. However, the infection value in the country for 7 days is still below 50 per 100,000 residents.


Another country designated as a risk area as of this week Sri Lanka. But the saddest development to expect in light of the events of the past week is that Nepal It is now classified as a variable region of viruses.

Conclusion on RKI’s Weekly Update

As always, the updated values ​​of the German Robert Koch Institute for virus variants, infection areas and high risk will be published this week in time for the weekend. There haven’t been many changes, but the most positive development is definitely the removal of the Canary Islands from the list. The new classifications will come into full effect from next Sunday (May 16, 2021, midnight). This time, however, RKI’s new roster will likely have little impact on any such travel plans New Federal Entry Regulations Now there is no quarantine (or just shortened) required for travelers who have been vaccinated, tested, and recovered – unless the return flight is from a variable region of the virus.

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