April 13, 2024

Rivian is interested in the Nadkar Factory |  Car engine and sports

Rivian is interested in the Nadkar Factory | Car engine and sports

American electric car manufacturer Rivian is looking for a production site in Europe. Now the focus is on the Nedcar plant in the Netherlands.

Rumors of Rivian settling in Europe have been circulating for some time. The manufacturing facility near Bristol in the UK has always been a favourite. But the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has now confirmed talks with Rivian about a site. Dutch media want you to know that this is supposed to be the VDL Nedcar factory. A delegation from Rivian allegedly wants to visit the production facility in Born in December. VDL Nedcar itself says about the rumors that concrete negotiations are taking place with two parties.

Kano and/or Rivian

In the summer of 2021, Nedcar was said to have signed a production contract with electric car startup Canoo. At the time, Canoo stated that VDL Nedcar would initially manufacture the lifestyle car for the US and EU markets, while Canoo was building its own production facility in the US at the same time. VDL Nedcar’s plant in the Netherlands is expected to produce up to 1,000 units on a new assembly line in 2022, and 15,000 units annually to be taken off the assembly line from 2023. A potential deal with Rivian now could jeopardize the Canoo agreement, as it could also Envision Rivian’s takeover of Nedcar in its entirety. Alternatively, Rivian could build his cars on the assembly line, which is still occupied by BMW.

It is not known what vehicles will actually be manufactured in the Netherlands. Rivian has just started production of the R1T in the USA. Rivian will be launching the R1S SUV next summer, and Amazon has also commissioned 100,000 electric trucks to be built by 2030.

The Nedcar factory is the largest automobile production site in the Netherlands. The Born plant was built by DAF in 1967 and acquired by Volvo in 1975. In the early 1990s, Volvo pulled out more and more and Born took on the role of contract maker. At Nedcar, the Mitsubishi Space Star, Outlander and Colt models as well as the Smart Forfour are built for Daimler-Chrysler. In 2012, VDL acquired production facilities from Mitsubishi and then built various scale models and X1s for the BMW Group. These production orders will expire in 2023 at the latest.


Rivian is looking for a production site for its electric models in Europe. The contract may be awarded to a Nedcar factory in the Netherlands. The Rivian takeover is entirely conceivable.