June 23, 2024

Rishi Sunak vs. English Understatement: Great Britain Debates Adidas Sneakers

LONDON (dpa) — Great Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, 43, has already sparked fashion debates with the length of his suit trousers — and now the British media is taking the next observation. The head of government who wore sneakers during the recording!

This did not go down well with an editor at the men’s magazine “GQ”: “Unacceptable” was his verdict. “In an effort to make himself seem young and hip (…), Sunak took the forever cool sneaker and ruined it for everyone.”

The problem is not that people like him shouldn’t wear shoes. But the whole thing seems obvious and cynical. “Besides, do we want our politicians to be cool? After all, this is a very important job.

A presenter on LBC radio station spoke to him about the controversy. Sunak smiled and said jokingly: “I want to thank you formally Samba Community Excuse me. But in my defense I can say that Adidas sneakers Including Sambas — and others — for many, many years.”

Sunak said how much attention was paid to what he was wearing. The judge ended the conversation with the words: “I have not yet spoken to you about the length of your dress.” Because Sunak’s trousers are an occasional topic of conversation in Great Britain. The Sun recently asked him why he is so short. “I didn’t think they were that short,” Sunak replied with a smile.

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