March 1, 2024

Riley Williams, who allegedly stole Nancy Pelosi’s computer during the Capitol riots, was arrested.

alleged The Naughty Capitol Two sources confirmed to CBS News, accused by a former partner of stealing a laptop or hard drive from Nancy Pelosi’s office, surrendering himself to authorities. Riley Williams’ former partner told authorities that they intend to give the device to a friend who would sell it to the foreign Russian intelligence service, an allegation that authorities are investigating but not yet confirmed.

Williams’ former romantic partner called the FBI multiple times in the days following the riot to report that they had seen her in videos inside the Capitol, according to court documents. The partner, who is referred to as Witness 1, allegedly said that Williams’ friends showed them a video of her taking a laptop or hard drive from the office of Speaker Pelosi during the riots.

The witness told the FBI that Williams “was intending to send the computer to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to the foreign Russian intelligence service SVR.” But the witness also said that the plan “failed for unknown reasons,” adding that Williams was either still in possession of it or had destroyed it.

The complaint does not provide additional evidence to support allegations of theft, but states that the prosecution “is still under investigation.”

Riley Williams appears in the photo of her driver’s license, which was included with court documents.


According to court documents, Williams appeared multiple times in footage of the attack on the Capitol Building, including through a stairway near Pelosi’s office. She is not currently facing any charges of theft. Instead, she is accused of “knowingly entering or remaining in any building or prohibited land without legal authority and violent entry and disorganized behavior on Capitol grounds.”

Williams’ father told Harrisburg Police on January 16 that he and his daughter had traveled together to Washington, D.C. to attend the protests, according to the documents. But he said the couple did not stay together during the day, according to the complaint.

On the same day, Williams’ mother told investigators that her daughter had recently shown an interest in President Trump and “far-right message boards,” according to the complaint.

The Justice Department confirmed on its website that Williams was arrested in Pennsylvania on Monday night.

Claire Hymes and Andres Triay contributed to the report.

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