October 5, 2023

Rhein honors Udo Kurz for services to science and culture

Rhein honors Udo Kurz for services to science and culture

Hesse’s new prime minister, Boris Ryan, has Dr. Udo Kurz presented the Federal Republic of Germany with the First Class Order of Merit in recognition of his great commitment to science and culture in Frankfurt and the region.

“Udo Kurz has closely accompanied the development of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management from a regional university with a strong banking affiliation to a business university with global affiliation and helped it gain a good reputation. He has played an active and decisive role in shaping international accreditation processes and has contributed significantly to the fact that the school, with Three international accreditations, could count themselves among the so-called Triple Crown institutions. “Only one percent of business schools around the world can boast of that,” Rhein said at the awards ceremony Friday night in Frankfurt. Udo Kurz is Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Member Board of Trustees of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the 67-year-old lawyer Kurz has also been the vice-president of the Association of Friends and Patrons of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt since 2009. In this function, also thanks to him, the museum was able to open its extension in 2020. “Dr. Kurz tirelessly followed this The project is important and I have requested financial support. In times of renewed anti-Semitism in society, such a commitment, aimed at not forgetting and highlighting Jewish culture in the present, is of particular value,” said Ryan.

The Prime Minister also mentioned Kurz’s membership in the University Council of the German Vietnamese University in Ho Chi Minh City, his chairmanship of the board of directors of the “Freunde des Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main eV” and his job as President of the University Council for Design in Offenbach am Main. “If you look at all of these offices, you will realize that someone invests so much time, heart and soul and always dares to think outside the box to be involved in education, art and culture,” Ryan said, adding, “I am very pleased to be able to honor such a great commitment today from During the presentation of the Cross of Merit of the First Class.”

The prize is awarded for special services to the Federal Republic of Germany and for achievements in the political, economic, social and intellectual fields. +++ evening