November 29, 2023

Revised 4K trailers and a new expansion pack

Revised 4K trailers and a new expansion pack

from Maximilian Hohm
Star Wars The Old Republic is an MMO that is still very popular. For the game’s upcoming 10th birthday, Bioware has revised or is going to review the animation trailers. In addition, the “Legacy of the Sith” expansion pack will be released in the near future. Read more about Bioware’s plans below.

Skyrim celebrates its 10th birthday this month, but another hugely popular game is also nearing that mark. Star Wars The Old Republic will also be ten years old on December 20, and Bioware has reworked the legendary cheated-out trailer for this anniversary and released it in 4K. More quality trailers to follow soon. The trailer shows the Sith infiltrating the Jedi temple under the leadership of Darth Malgus. Incoming transport ship and epic fight between Jedi and Sith around the trailer.

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MMO was and still is the equivalent of World of Warcraft in the Star Wars universe and is still played with great frequency. The last major expansion “Onslaught” was published in 2019 and since then characters can be played in eight chapters of 13 races over a maximum of 75 levels. The purpose of the game is to discover different planets, follow the story, experience operations, flashpoints, and PvP duels on Earth or in space at the end of the game. Bioware places great importance on details. Unlike many other MMO games, all dialogues are synchronized.

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Bioware now wants to release a new eighth expansion pack. The legacy of the Sith is just around the corner. Star Wars The Old Republic is free to play and can It can be downloaded here.

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