December 2, 2023

'Reverse culture shock' or Why am I a foreigner in Canada

‘Reverse culture shock’ or Why am I a foreigner in Canada

Video: Watson / Emily Engkent

National Emily

I have been in Switzerland for ten years. I am not yet allowed to be Swiss, but am I still 100% Canadian? A visit to my home country shows that some things simply became strange to me there.

Emily Engkent

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I have changed. Canada has changed.

My aunt introduced me to her friends as “her niece from Switzerland”. They were impressed with my good English.

More on my reverse culture shock in the video:

Video: Watson / Emily Engkent

Also, for the tenth anniversary, I made a cake for myself and carefully decorated it with love, and everyone thought that the icing was like ketchup.

Then I found out that my first two years in Switzerland do not count towards naturalization. So please write me a comment about how beautiful the cake is.

Or talk about reverse culture shock.

National Emily

Canadian Emily Engkent has lived in Switzerland for ten years. In her videos, she tells of the Swiss characteristics she has observed and how she is trying to integrate. She speaks German and plays Gas, but hates fondue. (sorry!)

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