July 15, 2024

Revenants Fallen Legion is now available

Revenants Fallen Legion is now available

NIS America today releases Fallen Legion Revenants for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Fallen Legion Revenants tells the story of Lucien, a charismatic politician and Rowena, an avenger who reluctantly unites to oust an insane tyrant.

The world is wrapped in a swamp. The flying castle is humanity’s last resort. While the world inhabits plague-mutated monsters, Wilkin Castle is isolated from this danger. Lucian, a charismatic politician who lives behind thick walls, discovers an ancient book and the secrets it contains from ancient weapons, samples that can turn into conscious soldiers. Somewhat reluctantly, Lucian teams up with Revenant Rowena, who is looking for a way to return to life so she can take care of her living son. Together they make a pact to oust the insane tyrant who controls Wilkin.

Key Features:

  • Make the pot: Influence events and decide for yourself life and death.
  • Not from this world: As a Rowena, you can test your reflexes and tactical skills in combat while driving a collection of legendary specimens.
  • Forbidden knowledge: Lucian can make potions and other beneficial ingredients from recipes. With his stealthy skills, he explores the castle and uncovers secrets.
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