Researchers suspect the existence of a hidden ninth planet in the solar system

American astronomers learned that the ninth giant planet could be part of the solar system.

The basics in brief

  • Researchers have gained new knowledge about Planet Nine.
  • The planet is said to have an orbit at the edge of the solar system.
  • An object can be several times larger than the Earth.

Since August 2006, Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but a dwarf planet. But researchers have long suspected that another object is orbiting the solar system. in the United Statesstudy One talks about a real giant on the outer edge of the solar system. It must be somewhere behind Neptune.

So far it was search After the supposed ninth planet, failed. But scientists have come to know that the obvious effects of gravity are a Grouping smaller objects affected. planet can several times greater be of it Earth It is far from the orbit of Neptune.

The invisible planet is several times larger than the Earth

How big is the invisible planet? Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) calculated 6.2 times the mass of the Earth. according to data The body has a large semi-axis (half an ellipse) of 380 astronomical units. One AU unit is exactly 149,597.870.7 kilometres.

Such as study It shows that light from stars at the edge of the Milky Way has so far kept Planet Nine hidden.

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