June 14, 2024

Report: A Chinese probe successfully landed on the moon Sciences

According to government information, China sent for the first time a probe to collect rock samples on the far side of the moon. The New China News Agency (Xinhua), citing the Chinese Space Agency, also reported that a landing module for the space probe named “Chang’e 6” after the Chinese goddess of the moon “successfully” landed on the surface.

This mission is considered a milestone for China’s ambitious space program. This will be the first time in human history that soil and rock samples will be brought to Earth from the far side of the Moon.

Chang’e 6’s landing site is the South Pole-Aitken Basin, the largest and oldest impact crater on the Moon. According to the scientific magazine “Science”, its diameter is 2,500 kilometers, and its depth reaches eight kilometers. Scientists have long wanted to obtain rock samples from this area.

This is China’s sixth lunar mission since 2007

On May 3, the Chang’e 6 spacecraft began its 53-day lunar mission. According to the plan, soil samples will reach the ground around June 25. This is the sixth lunar mission undertaken by the Chinese since 2007. Recently, “Chang’e 5” brought samples from the front of the moon to Earth for examination in 2020. Previously, in 2019, the “Chang’e 4” rover landed on the back of Moon for the first time and explored the terrain there.

Attempts to land on the moon are extremely difficult. In the recent past, several lunar probes from India, Israel, Japan and Russia did not reach their destination as planned.

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