Release date and new story trailer for hacking adventure

In collaboration with the publisher Dear Villagers, the developers at Phigames are currently preparing for the publication of their new project “Recompile”.

With “Recompile” we’re dealing with a hack-themed adventure that is somewhat comically based on classic Metroidvania titles. As the two studios announced today, “Recompile” will be available from August 19, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. A new pirate adventure story trailer is available to match this announcement.

The birth of artificial intelligence

In “Recompile”, according to the developer, you will experience the birth of a powerful artificial intelligence and experience a “large-scale hacking adventure”. Traditional Metroidvania-type mechanics are playfully combined with a dynamic branching narrative system to deliver a multi-layered single-player gaming experience.

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There are also promises of challenging battles against diverse opponents, a selection of futuristic weapons and super abilities, and different endings based on the decisions you make during the campaign.

According to official information, this should ensure the possibility of the necessary reboot.

More messages too Retranslate.

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