March 2, 2024

Reichsl, Hahn, Planck - German Art Nouveau ice hockey - DEL - ice hockey - more sport

Reichsl, Hahn, Planck – German Art Nouveau ice hockey – DEL – ice hockey – more sport

Sports Director of Düsseldorfer For exampleNicholas Mundt sees it similarly: “This development has intensified again due to the epidemic.”Mondt says from Sports Show.

DEG focuses on perspective at the target

In Dusseldorf, for example, after the departure of Matthias Niederberger, they have come to rely on young goalkeepers. With Hendrik Hahn (20) and Mirko Pantkowski (22), he gets DEG Youngest goalkeeper duo in the league. “We are convinced of their talents and prospectsSagt Mundt.Of course, Matthias Niederberger was and still is an outstanding goalkeeper. But Hane and Pantkowski have the potential to make up for this departure in the long run.

The brothers convinced Elias in the first year

Brothers Moritz and Florian Elias also have great potential. They both celebrated it this season From-Submit. Moritz Elias is only 16 years old and has played 14 of the previous 15 games in Nuremberg Ice tigers He became the third youngest of them From– Scorer entry in the history books.

His brother Florian already has a powerful U20WM behind. In Canada, the 18-year-old scored four goals and set up five more earlier this year. Florian Elias also holds title candidate Adler Mannheim with an average icy time of 11:28 minutes.

If you are in From If you want to play, score goals and develop yourself, then you have to trust yourself and trust yourself. That’s what Florian does. “As Jan Axel Alavara says. “It will be interesting to see how his development continues this season and next.”

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