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The “” app is available for Android and iOS. However, deprecated reports also work across the website. Photo: Franziska Gabbert / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

This is the project approach. Muell-weg.dedirectly on the page or in apps linked to Android And iOS Litter can be reported throughout Germany – directly to the responsible local authorities. The garbage notification is created in three steps.

Where am I – and who is responsible?

The first step is almost the most important: localization. Because many willing and able trash detectors may have failed in the past because they simply didn’t know who would report the unclaimed trash. This was and still is especially true when they weren’t local.

On the website or in the app, all you have to do is enter your location and – if known – the address and, if necessary, mark it more precisely on the map. Then confirm in the second step – and you already have a report form in front of you, which is addressed to the local authority responsible for waste reports.

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Final with form and mail

The third step is the final step: fill in the form. With a topic and a brief description of the waste problem. Then confirm and Hello that the site or applications transfer everything to the mail application installed on the computer or phone. If you wish, you can attach proof photos and turn them off – so that the ugly trash will soon disappear.

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“” page and links to download applications

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