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The reflecting telescope on the International Space Station should ensure better use of water on Earth. German companies also contributed to the development.

Freiburg / Wallops Island.

A reflecting telescope developed in Germany, aimed at improving water use on Earth, was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday.

The Antares 230 rocket with the Cygnus cargo spacecraft and about four tons of cargo took off as scheduled at 6:39 p.m. German time from NASA’s Wallops Island site in Virginia. The departure went smoothly, according to a NASA live broadcast on the Internet. It is expected to arrive at the International Space Station on Monday.

The prototype of a new measuring instrument from Constell RV Freiburg, in which the Fraunhofer Institutes in Freiburg and Jena participated, among others, will be installed in the future, among other things, an infrared thermal camera and a micro-camera. A satellite data processing computer, which will then display temperature data collected from the Earth’s surface. According to ConstellR, the values ​​should help to better estimate water requirements and thus reduce water wastage. (dpa)

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