July 17, 2024

Redfall already has five years of development behind him at Arkane Studios • Eurogamer.de

Redfall already has five years of development behind him at Arkane Studios • Eurogamer.de

So that Redfall does not become a failure.

A good game is usually not made in a year. With Redfall, the vampire co-op shooter introduced in the Xbox Showcase, you don’t have to worry about a very short development period, because Arkane Studios has been playing around with the Xbox exclusive for five years.

In fact, Redfall has been in development since the release of Prey: Mooncrash DLC. That was in 2017. The production team didn’t give the throttle full throttle until a few years later.

Redfall was one of the biggest discoveries in the Xbox and Bethesda show and got it cinematic trailer Due to a large part of the broadcast. The collective vampire hunter fun will debut sometime next year for PC, Xbox Series X, and S via Game Pass.

PlayStation players can pack garlic again, as there are currently no plans for a PS5 release.

On the LinkedIn profile From former Arkane employee Francisco Cruz, we get an insight into the temporal evolution of his projects. Since 2017, he worked as an architect at Redfall until he left the studio a year later. Cruz is currently working as a Senior 3D artist at Unity.

At least five years should be enough to provide gamers with a clean and improved gaming experience, even if it has to share the studio’s attention with other titles.

Redfall has evolved over time – at least as the trailer suggests – into a handsome co-op shooter that kidnaps its players into picturesque Massachusetts that has been taken over by a horde of vampires. They can even walk among people during the day, as they manage to darken the sun. So you’re dealing with really smart vampires!

Then you save the city with a small team of survivors. There are different heroes to choose from. According to the developers, it’s not just about brutal photography, but Tactical and smart To get close to hunting down vampires.

We’re curious to see what Arkan has achieved in the past five years.