May 21, 2024

Red eyes – what to do if you have conjunctivitis? Allergies can also be a trigger

Trigger: Bacteria and viruses

If, in addition to redness, burning, and a foreign body sensation, there is also a thick, mucous, or purulent discharge and sticking of the eyelashes together in the morning, this could be a problem. Bacterial Conjunctivitis is present. Adhesions should then be removed using a clean piece of cotton moistened with warm water. Krippler also recommends using nourishing and decongesting drops, which can be obtained at a pharmacy without a prescription. If symptoms last longer than three to four days, you should consult an ophthalmologist, who will usually prescribe antibiotic eye drops that are effective against the most common types of bacteria. In rare cases, conjunctivitis is caused by infection with bacteria such as chlamydia and gonococcus, which are transmitted through sexual contact.

In addition to allergies, bacteria can also Viruses It may be a trigger for conjunctivitis. In the case of S infection, the secretion produced is not purulent, but watery. Those affected also often experience a general feeling of illness or a cold along with a sore throat or swollen lymph nodes in the neck or ear area. These symptoms can be due to an illness caused by different types of viruses (adenoviruses, influenza viruses, or coronaviruses). Herpes viruses can also lead to eye inflammation. In this case, vision can also be limited if the clear cornea is affected. Repeated infection of the eye with herpes viruses can lead to corneal scarring and permanent vision damage. In the case of viral conjunctivitis, symptoms are relieved with nourishing and decongestant eye drops or treated with antiviral eye drops, which should be prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Hygiene is especially important to avoid infecting the other eye or spreading it to other people. Conjunctivitis caused by adenoviruses, the highly contagious “epidemic conjunctivitis,” is particularly sensitive. In this case, a two-week sick note is usually needed.

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