Red Bull fears Ferrari after thrilling title movie

Did Red Bull and Mercedes have a problem in Formula 1? The world champion team feared a change of power at the top.

The basics in brief

  • Does the long title struggle between Mercedes and Red Bull have unexpected consequences?
  • Red Bull boss Christian Horner fears Ferrari will have an advantage.
  • Scuderia turned to the development of the new generation of cars at an early stage.

literally to the last lap mercedes Red Bull in Formula 1 is a fight for the world title. Meet Bim in Abu Dhabi The decision was made in favor of Max Verstappen Only at the last minute.

Can Max Verstappen defend his world title in 2022?

that The thriller title is too tight to the end He stayed, but had consequences for both teams off the track. Because both mercedes And Red Bull has been working on their 2021 cars for a long time.

Will Ferrari amaze us with the fastest car?

The police fear that, given the revolution in rules in Formula 1, this could have dire consequences. Because other teams – such as Ferrari – shifted their development to the new generation of cars at an early stage.

“If only we had a Ferrari in the first race Overtake with the fastest carIt may have affected us in 2021, says team boss Christian Horner. Scuderia finished the year as the third most powerful force – although development was already focused on 2022.

However, Horner hopes his team has found the right balance despite the title fight. “We all knew 2022 would be a big rule change. We used our resources accordingly.”

Power change in Formula 1?

All teams would have done it to the best of their knowledge and belief. “We will only see if we did it right when we come back with the new cars. They look different, and they will be different to drive. Who did it right?”

Radical base changes—along with a cost cap and limited wind tunnel time—could alter the balance of power. Anyone, like Ferrari or Haas, who focused early on 2022 might have taken the leap forward.

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