June 21, 2024

Red and blue stripe: FC Basel vs.  FC St.  Gallen

Red and blue stripe: FC Basel vs. FC St. Gallen


Follow the match between FCB and FC St. Gallen right here in the bar.

FC Basel record against FC St. Gallen

94 ‘ play

Final whistle in Joggeli!

Basel and St. Gallen separate 2:2. Red-Blue comes back from a 0-2 deficit and almost wins. In the end, the points split are fair. Thanks for your interest and see you next time.

Basel still has a free kick. last chance. It’s getting noisier.

90′yellow card yellow card

Gallen coach Zeidler sees yellow because he almost threw a throw-in himself.

Four minutes are returned.

The momentum is clear in Bayern. The ninetieth minute has begun.

83 ‘goalgoal

⚽️🔴 FCB goal 🔵⚽️

Chalov Collect the double pack and continue for along way loin. Michael Lang He takes advantage of a positional error by the St. Gallen defender debris and serve Chalov They chant again a message of peace. Basel now pushes to 3:2!

“Change in Basel”

Long And the Fernandez come for Lopez And the stingy

“A Chance for St. Gallen”

The guests are waiting for a counterattack, Joker LONGWEI But he delays and misses the decision.

The last quarter of the hour begins. Basel is trying hard, but St. Gallen appears confident and is trying to defend the lead.

‘Change in SG🟢🔁

Fixed And the LONGWEI replace Guillemenot And the Fasligy.

🟢Great opportunity for Saint Gallino

Guillemenot He is forgotten in the Basel penalty area and only has to put his foot down, but he hits the ball over the goal.

There are multiple corner kicks in a row. But Bayern can’t get anything serious out of it.


🔵⚽️ FCB goal!

Chalov Follows up with the chest sound loin and shortened to 1:2! The Russian makes a heart sign in celebration, a nice gesture in the current times we live in.

“A chance for Basel”

Chalov Shoots the turn in the penalty area and forces east of Switzerland cigarette to the procession. Basel started stronger than at the start of the first half.

No other coach wins against Bayern more than Peter Zeidler. The head coach of Eastern Switzerland might also be worth looking at David Deggin, if he is Abascal Not winning 90% of the remaining matches.

45′Starting Starting

Resumed in St. Jacob’s Park

Can Roteblo prevent defeat against St. Gallen? Abascal Brings Kasumi for Shaka New in the game.

Big chance for Basel

With the recess whistle granted Chalov Great opportunity! After a counterattack, a beautiful newcomer is introduced and fails to perform outstanding cigarette

48 ‘break break

After a very disappointing first half, Basel deservedly fell 2-0 against St. Gallen. A full 90 seconds is enough for the guests to shock the residents of Basel. The last twenty minutes have been low flow and characterized by turbulence and interruptions.

Shaka He hits the opponent and risks an expulsion, but can continue properly, but still has to go down. There are three minutes above that.

The people of Basel do not have nerves under control, both mentally and physically. Passports do not arrive Esposito and Shaka They feel like they’re about to be kicked out, and no collective spirit. Red and blue are in a real crisis.


0: 1 scorer provokes Shaka. In the end, they both see yellow. The right decision.

34 ‘yellow card yellow card

🟡 Yellow card for St. Gallen

this is Cabral He sees the first yellow card of the game. The Portuguese defender in the service of eastern Switzerland captures the yellow square.

Guests have something Basel hasn’t had since January. player named Cabral. The new signing from Florence is missing everywhere in the ranks of Rotblau, but not only in FCB is he missing someone with the qualities. Arthur Cabrales.

26′substitution substitution

“Change in Basel”

Abascal It reacts and changes in the 26th minute. Citizens replacing Pavlovic immediately from Qasimi Comfortable.

22 ‘goalgoal

🟢⚽️ goal for Saint Gallen

a prayer Hit the guests! In less than two minutes, guests arrive at 0: 2. The residents of Basel were quite literally surprised. Sharp wing landing in a prayer velvet ball Lindner Hit the goal. unbelievable!


🟢⚽️ goal for Saint Gallen

Guillemenot instantly and can dust Lindner after the show. Doaa’s attempt was blocked by the Bayern goalkeeper in the middle, as the Geneva player only had to press on behalf of St. Gallen.

The game is balanced. Both teams are coming to conclusions, but without much chance yet.

“A Chance for St. Gallen”

Dosel in the Basel penalty area. Lindner Uncertainty can only be avoided, free Clarifies at the last minute.

Free kick for Basel

Esposito It occurs from about 22 meters and cigarette Punch the ball away.

“A Chance for St. Gallen”

The eastern Swiss unite across half of Basel. fasligy It ends from about 20 meters and the ball goes away from the goal at the last moment after his shot.

Blue pressed Red too early and triggered errors in the preliminary game for Switzerland East, still without any major danger.

0 ‘Starting Starting
St. Gallen is in very good condition

It will start in a few moments. The Guests are the strongest team in the second half of the season. So it may be difficult for red and blue.

For the new FCB coach Guillermo Abascal It’s his first home match as a coach on the sidelines of Basel. He’s counting on two faster players than he was last Sunday. Valentine’s Day Stalker Missing because he became the father of twins.

FC Basel squad

Welcome to the championship match between FC Basel and St. Gallen. After a bitter 4-2 defeat to archenemy Zurich, Roteblow returns to Gugili and meets the sixth-placed team from eastern Switzerland.