December 3, 2023

Record number of athletes competing in Beijing 2022 IOC Athletes Commission elections

Record number of athletes competing in Beijing 2022 IOC Athletes Commission elections

Ten athletes from 17 National Olympic Committees, six sports and five continents will compete for the two vacant committee seats. They are nominated by their own nominating committees as well as the National Olympic Committee athletes’ committees.

The approval of the nominations of two athletes on the list who have not yet participated in the Winter Olympics is subject to their qualification for the Games during the upcoming qualifying competitions and confirmation of their participation in the Games by the National Olympic Committees.

“The record number of nominees and global representation is a strong sign of athletes’ desire to play an important and active role within the Olympic movement and amplify their voices, which is remarkable,” IOC President Emma Terhue commented in an official explanation. publishing. “All of these candidates add significant value to the athlete community and will add new skills and experience to the IOC Athletes Committee, regardless of who is elected.”

The selected athletes will replace former IOC member Helle Wekenheiser (Canada), whose term expires at the end of Beijing in 2022, and fill a position that became vacant due to the resignation of Ole Einar Beurendalen (NOR) in 2016.

Athletes competing in Beijing 2022 can elect their representatives in the Olympic Villages from January 27 (the village’s opening day) until February 16, 2022.

The mission of the IOC is to ensure that the athletes’ perspective is at the heart of the decisions made by the Olympic Movement. The Committee acts as a link between the athletes and the IOC and is made up of a maximum of 23 members (12 directly elected by their teammates and a maximum of 11 appointed) who serve for eight-year terms. Elections are held at each Olympic Games, four members are elected for the Summer Games, and two members are elected for the Winter Games.

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Appointments are made by the IOC President in consultation with the IOC President to ensure a balance between regions, gender and sport. The chair and deputy chair of the committee are elected by the committee members and must also be elected as members of the AC committee.

In addition, the NOC’s five committee chairs, a representative of the IPC Athletes Council and a representative of the World Olympic Federation participate as focal points in the committee’s work to enhance engagement with the World Athletes Federation. athletes community. (Ani)

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