Record bird concerts and help science

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Record bird concerts and help science

The nightingale sits on a branch and sings at the top of her lungs.

Wolfram Steinberg/dpa/icon image

From next week, the early risers will once again be able to record the musical concerts of birds in the morning and thus collect data important to science. The Biotopia Museum of Natural History in Munich and the LBV Nature Conservation Association in Hilpoltstein said on Friday that the birds are important indicators of changes in different habitats, and during their morning concert many of them are particularly active in singing. Bird singing is most intense an hour before dawn until an hour after sunrise.

The Dawn Chorus project, launched in 2020, collects recordings of morning concerts of birds around the world that people have recorded with their smartphones. This should help experts identify changes in the bird world due to the climate crisis or new habitat conditions. The main scientific collection period is from May 1st to May 31st. According to the project partners, it is also welcome to record bird calls outside this period.

Dawn Chorus was also conceived as an art project. This wants to encourage people to deal creatively with the sounds of nature.

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