December 6, 2023

Recent information, new history and video

Recent information, new history and video

(MST / – Test Drive fans have been waiting for more news about the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. At #NaconConnect 2021 in the early evening of July 6, 2021, Kylotonn and Nacon Studios Submit a new trailer Which lights up with many impressions and almost accidentally reveals that Hong Kong is the environment chosen for the game.

Screenshot from the new trailer for the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown


Next, Creative Director Alan Jarneau and Director of Games and Art Amaury Beyrice of KT Racing explained that Solar Crown follows the tradition of previous Test Drive Unlimited titles, and as an MMO, it’s designed to bring many players together and that races can also take it off the beaten path.

For this purpose, Hong Kong was selected, which is reproduced on a 1:1 scale. While the skyline of skyscrapers, neon signs and fast cars might come to mind first, the peninsula has a lot to offer. There is also a landscape consisting of forests, mountains, swamps and beaches.

For KT Racing, the perfect setup for the new Test Drive Unlimited racing game. The game itself has also been revealed that in addition to the Solar Crown tournament, two clans, the Streets and the Sharps, will also play a role. Players choose one of the two clans, try to climb the career ladder and move forward with their group.

There is a small bottom at the end Videos: This year’s release has been pushed back to Fall 2022. The new date is September 22, 2022. Until then, the goal is to provide fans with regular information.

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