July 14, 2024

Realtime Experience Abandoned Debugging App Goes Live, It’s Inside

Realtime Experience Abandoned Debugging App Goes Live, It’s Inside

Debugging the real-world experience application of the mysterious project is now available with a significant delay up From Blue Box Game Studios live, which was believed to be the biggest scam of the year.

The repetitive pattern initially suggested what to do up can not appear. Among other things, all previous tweets about debugging problems have been deleted and also Official Website The studio now looks anything but professional.

If you take a look at the studio’s history, new projects have been announced over and over again, but never published. Among other things, the Twitter userTrustworthy‚Once clearly assembled.

The pattern repeats itself over and over again

In the past, Blue Box has repeatedly deleted its online presence for past projects, once until the entire site was officially announced. In addition, the developer has also deleted all the videos on his YouTube channel of the game, which were previously the only ones ever watched. up gave. doubts about up So fully justified.

It’s in the app

The long-awaited patch for the Realtime Experience app, released after a significant delay, now brings hope. If you start this after the patch, which is about 5 GB in size, you’ll first get a preview of the planned content, including a playable intro.

The only intro video available so far only shows the sequence again From the previous tweetWhere a man walks across a wooden floor. A little disappointing after all the fuss about it. All other content mustSoBe available.

announce up As a survival horror with huge ambitions, which must take full advantage of PS5 hardware and features. On the other hand, it has been repeatedly emphasized that you are “just” a small independent studio that you don’t really want to believe has such resources.

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Now it remains to be seen when Blue Box will take the next step. The fans are very slow but annoyed by this tactic.