June 14, 2024

Real or Fake – Science in Zakat – 05 – 2023 – Posts

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“Real or fake?” Scholars give insight into their field of research in generally understandable lectures. But watch out! Not all lectures are true, and something that seems improbable may still be true.

On June 11, 2023, Tobias Löffler will lead the audience on an evening of exciting insights and search for the best way to distinguish fakes from the real ones.

Not only do scientists on stage provide insight into their field of research through small lectures, they also need to be able to ask questions critically. Because: one lecture or the other is also a lie. The audience must then see if the thesis presented describes reality or something made up.

In the end, of course, it is resolved and shown what fantasy is and how to distinguish it from reality.

The event starts at 8 pm.

Tickets cost €3.50 in advance and €5 at the box office. The usual applies Zak discount. In the Zakk online store You can buy tickets online.

More information on “Real or Fake?” You can find on Zack site.

by Charlotte

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