June 21, 2024

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti rejects Infantino

Carlo Ancelotti’s reaction when he learned that Real Madrid would be allowed to participate in the Club World Cup.Image: Cornerstone

June 10, 2024 at 12:48 pmJune 10, 2024, 1:40 p.m

It’s FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s latest project: a Club World Cup with 32 teams from around the world, which is scheduled to be held every four years starting in 2025. The United States will be the first host nation for four weeks next summer, and will also host the World Cup after General, along with Mexico and Canada.

Infantino wants to use income from the new competition to support football around the world. What he didn’t say, but he was sure he thought: with this Club World Cup, the Swiss could also put more money into the pockets of the World Federation and its supporters.

La FIFA de Gianni Infantino is now qu'elle n'a pas "Awesome" Calendar for the club's new international coupe.

Will anyone else enjoy the Club World Cup title as much as Gianni Infantino?Image: fxp-fr-sda-rtp

However, this plan could fail. Because neither the players nor the national leagues and their clubs are particularly enthusiastic about this idea. The Federation of Professional Players (FIFPRO) called on FIFA to remove the tournament from the calendar. Professionals already have enough matches to play, and holding such a competition would lead to an increased risk of injury. Hence, there will be no free summer for the best players, as a major tournament will only be held during the off-season once every four years. The players’ union even threatened to take legal action against the Club World Cup.

Now Carlo Ancelotti has spoken out clearly against Infantino’s passion project. In an interview with “El Journal» The Real Madrid coach explained that the white team will not participate in the Club World Cup. Ancelotti said: “FIFA has forgotten that players and clubs will not participate, and we will reject the invitation, and other clubs will do the same.”

As Champions League winners, the Spaniards will be seeded for the tournament – with Chelsea and Manchester City also qualifying due to their top-flight titles in one of the previous four years. Participants will be offered around 20 million euros, says Ancelotti. But this does not convince him: “One match for Real Madrid is worth 20 million euros, and FIFA wants to give us this amount for the entire tournament. Negative.” (intention)

All Champions League winners since 1993


All Champions League winners since 1993

2023: Manchester City – Inter Milan 1-0 (0-0)

Source: Keystone/Tolga Bozoglu

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