May 23, 2024

Re-marking tomorrow will not affect your saving

Re-marking tomorrow will not affect your saving

After a previous major update to backup files that caused players to return, developer Housemarque announced that the May 8th patch will solve the problem.

Make a home Advertising Friday on Twitter. The 1.3.6 carriage return patch will be released on May 8th at 11:00 am (GMT) / 4:00 am (PDT). However, he does warn gamers to keep turning off the auto update feature on PlayStation 5 in the meantime.

While Returnal received generally positive reviews for its mix of infernal action and villainous development, including from IGN, it has often been criticized that Returnal’s songs can last for up to two hours. This problem is compounded by the fact that you cannot save your game while it is running. In theory, the only way to “save” your progress is to put the PS5 to sleep. However, every time Returnal updates automatically, the current playback is deleted.

Housemarque released the 1.3.3 patch for Returnal on Wednesday, which contained a number of standard bug fixes, but unexpectedly corrupted players’ backup files. At this point, the only way to fix the problem was to download Returnal again. Housemarque quickly released a patch that brought the game back to 1.3.1.

Now the 1.3.6 revert patch will also fix a number of bugs and issues, including stabilization and cosmetic fixes that prevent advanced progression, improper healing behavior, issues with custom console combinations, and much more.

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In the era of premium roguelike games like Hades, Returnal has sparked a lot of discussion about what makes such a great roguelike adventure. IGN Senior News Editor Kat Bailey says returning isn’t too difficult, it’s too long for her. If you’re wondering how to get better performance in Returnal, check out our wiki guide where we answer what to do first in Returnal, 23 things Returnal won’t tell you, and how to unlock the secret ending.
Joseph Knope is a writer / producer / proofreader for IGN.