Razer gaming laptop bags promise to keep your fingers cool

Razer gaming cases

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Look, I’ll admit that sweaty thumbs aren’t even one of my top 10 gaming fears, but for those of you worried about thumb sweats ruining your KDA It’s an electronic game or Call of Duty: Mobile (???) Then Razer has you covered.

Razer calls them Games – Fingerhüllen, but look at the photo above and let’s call this stuff what it really is: thumb condoms.

Available in gray with neon green accents and made from a blend of nylon, spandex, and silver fiber, Razer says the $10 handheld gaming protectors are “woven with highly sensitive silver fibers for improved aiming and control” while the sleeves are “breathable” to keep your fingers tight Cold in the heat of the moment.” Not sure if his fingers sweat a lot while playing It’s an electronic game, but ok!

What matters is, unlike the type Latex Fingerbetten You can see it in your doctor’s office or use it by other health care professionals. It’s also important to note that while Razer claims that its gaming protectors are compatible with “most handheld gaming devices,” there’s a chance that the cases won’t work properly on your phone or on older game consoles like the 3DS, which are based on a resistive touchscreen and not On a more modern capacitive touch screen, it’s not useful for Nintendo.

Razer gaming cases

picture: Scanner

The Razer gaming case is just 0.8mm thick, but it’s almost certainly an easy learning curve for anyone used to gaming. course >> adjective. But Razer says the thumb guards are one-size-fits-all. Well, we’ll leave it at that.

The goal of Razer Gaming Handbags is to wick moisture away from your thumbs and fingers while letting those around you know you’re not your average gamer. And while the silver fiber sleeves may be useless when playing with a console or keyboard, there’s nothing stopping you from using them when playing console or computer games either.

You only get one pair of sleeves per $10 package, so you may need to buy an extra pair if you want extra numbers to keep moisture out while you play. Unfortunately, you may have to look elsewhere for people who are concerned that palm perspiration may affect your grip. But hey, maybe Razer will test the water before making full play gloves in the future.

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