February 24, 2024

Rating of the most attractive financial center in the world

DrThe world is complex, which is why people want easy-to-research and understandable data as the basis for their decisions. That’s why ratings and ratings are so popular: here, a lot of information is summarized and distilled down to one or a few values. This is precisely why the Global Financial Centers Index, developed in London, is often cited: in times when the world’s financial centers are competing for business more intensely than ever before, corporate decision-makers and authorities, but also representatives of financial institutions, The media, you want to look at the rankings to ascertain how attractive the financial position actually is in a global comparison.

The fact that Frankfurt is now among the top ten most attractive places in the newly developed index, in which scientists from Paris and Frankfurt participated, is of no consequence to the city. Mayor Mike Joseph (Social Democratic Party) recently announced his desire to put pressure on the federal government in Berlin to do more to advance the interests of the financial center in Frankfurt.

This declaration by Joseph clearly implies the desire to fight for Frankfurt in the future, for example when trying to transfer supervisory powers or financial institutions to the federal capital, and not for the financial center of Germany, which also includes the stock exchanges in Stuttgart and Munich or the locations Smaller like Berlin.

In other countries, it is clear: Paris is the clear number one in France, London in Great Britain, and New York in the USA. If Frankfurt, which already has a size disadvantage compared to these major global cities, wants to continue the struggle for relevance and thus business, all forces at federal and state levels must be focused on one place, and its interests must be heard with confidence. an actress. It could just be Frankfurt. The fact that Berlin, for example, is not represented in the new index is a clear signal. The new Financial Centers Index indicates that Frankfurt is the sixth most attractive financial center in the world. This is a satisfactory inventory, but it is also a responsibility to at least maintain that status.

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