June 24, 2024

Rare find in Canada: Duo takes their smartphone from the sea - what they discover and then leaves them speechless

Rare find in Canada: Duo takes their smartphone from the sea – what they discover and then leaves them speechless

It is not uncommon for divers to find a special find while diving. (Here at Kreidesee – archive photo)

© Sina Schuldt / picture alliance / dpa

A diving couple made an amazing discovery at the bottom of a Canadian lake. Their discovery left both of them only speechless.

British Columbia – It is not uncommon for divers to come across strange treasures on their expeditions into the water. But what Clayton Hilkenberg and his wife Heather found in Harrison Lake in British Columbia, Canada, is something special. The duo found an iPhone 11 on the bottom during one of their dives. Not the first cell phone the two were able to recover. The discovery was different, however, as the divers mentioned in a video on their YouTube channel “Aquatic Monkey”.

Rare dive find: Duo takes the iPhone 11 out of the sea – then they press the start button and are speechless

The smartphone had been lying at the bottom of Harrison Lake for six months, as divers later discovered. Because they are back on Earth by pressing the start button on a mobile phone and here it is: It worked – after six months in the water! So the two were able to find the owner and return the phone that he believed had been lost.

The diver duo finds an iPhone 11 underwater after six months – and the owner is surprised

Fatima Koudsi lost her on a boat tour on September 10, 2020, and she later informed divers. “This is crazy! It is actually still working,” she is amazed when she holds her smartphone in her hands again six months later and tests it. Only the microphone and speaker are no longer completely intact.

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Talk about a rare find: an eleven-year-old boy also took a trip with his parents on a family outing.

In fact, iPhone 11 is only water and dust resistant for up to 30 minutes and at depths of up to two meters, as read on Apple’s support page. This protection is also related to the splashing water rather than being completely submerged in a lake. So Fatma Koudsi is very lucky to be able to still save data like photos or notes after more than half a year. A Benny customer had to find a less pleasant finding when she opened the soup can. Her stomach turned. (va)