June 14, 2024

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Rail strike in Great Britain: Most trains do not stop

Due to today’s strike in Britain, most trains are stopped at railway stations. As a special timetable showed, only about eleven percent of the regular links should run. There are no trains in some parts of the country. Tens of thousands of railway workers from various operators wanted to stop working around the clock in their struggle for higher wages and better working conditions.

For the first time several railway unions called a strike at the same time. More strike days are soon to follow. The collective bargaining standoff has been ongoing for months, and no agreement has yet been reached.

Participants in tomorrow’s London Marathon in the British capital have sometimes faced problems getting there, the BBC reported. The same applies to members of the Conservative Tory Party, whose party conference is due to start tomorrow in Birmingham.

The association apologizes for the inconvenience

Mike Lynch, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Association, apologized for the inconvenience to the public. “We’re certainly not targeting the London Marathon and, if we’re honest, we’re not targeting the Tory Congress so much because those are the people who are responsible for this situation,” he told the BBC.

The British government called on the unions to reconsider their strikes. The Ministry of Transport said that disruptions in rail traffic will prevent passengers from traveling by train.