February 22, 2024

Rail strike: Great Britain threatened with traffic chaos

Rail strike: Great Britain threatened with traffic chaos

A national strike by British rail unions began on Tuesday, paralyzing services. In light of soaring inflation, teachers, doctors, and criminal defense lawyers are also demanding wages — and the threatening wave of strikes brings back memories of the agonizing labor disputes of the 1970s.

PASSENGERS IN THE yard of Manchester Piccadilly Station: Unions want public transport to be halted across the UK from Tuesday.

Phil Noble/Reuters

Anyone who depends on public transport in Great Britain currently needs to be on good nerves and has no guarantee of getting to their destination. About 40,000 railway employees left on Tuesday – Recent negotiations between unions and representatives of thirteen rail companies and road network operator Network Rail failed to produce an agreement on Monday.. There will also be strikes on Thursday and Saturday. One-fifth of the usual communication operates only on the days of the strike, but the traffic chaos will also extend to the days in between. London was the hardest hit, with Tube staff also pulling out on Tuesday.

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