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Rafael Tegues promotes NRW Youth Competition “Team up!” , Gütsel, the print and online magazine for the Gütersloh region with culture, events and more ??

Article dated August 31, 2021

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has launched a new competition aimed at opening the door for young people to exchange ideas with Great Britain. Anyone who wants to make a difference in direct contact between teenagers and young adults from North Rhine-Westphalia and the UK can submit their ideas from now on.

The relationship between North Rhine-Westphalia and Great Britain is a 75-year success story. We want the strong bond between the two sides to continue for the long term. “Direct contact with young people is an excellent way to do this,” explains Rafael Tegues, a state parliamentarian who has been the spokesperson for the CDU parliamentary group in the state parliament’s Inquiry Committee on Brexit for two years. With Brexit, the direct exchange of teenagers and young adults has become more difficult in some areas. The competition provides an opportunity to carry out confrontations in an uncomplicated way again.”

In the competition ‘As a Team! The NRW Youth Exchange Program – Great Britain’ is about laying the groundwork for new personal relationships through innovative and creative projects and strengthening existing partnerships. “There is no limit to creativity, the competition is open to any topic,” says Tejes.

What we need is a project idea for a meeting concept created by or for teenagers and young adults (at least two people aged 14-26 from North Rhine-Westphalia) and a partner from the British side. Municipalities, clubs, associations, schoolchildren, student organizations and other civil society initiatives in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as individuals are eligible to participate. The best orders will be rewarded with a cash bonus of up to €3,500.

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Contest ends October 10, 2021. Information available at www.mbei.nrw/de/teamup. Team up!” In the Munster County Government to answer any questions, via e-mail [email protected].