July 12, 2024

Racist comments?  – Scandal over politician Green Palmer – News

Racist comments? – Scandal over politician Green Palmer – News

  • In Germany, the mayor of Tübingen Verde, Boris Palmer, is threatened with expulsion from the party.
  • He is accused of making racist statements. Palmer maintains, however, that his words were aimed at derision.
  • The party agreed to initiate a similar removal process.

“The statement by Boris Palmer is racist and disgusting,” said Chancellor Co-Chair and Candidate Analina Burbock on Twitter. Retrospective ridicule appeal does not cancel it.

Palmer’s statement is part of the new provocations that are marginalizing and harming people. So Boris Palmer lost our political support. After the new incident, state and federal committees will discuss consequences, including disqualification measures. “

Palmer had put former footballers Jens Lyman and Denis Ojo under protection on Facebook, with each causing public outrage with statements.

Palmer: ‘a ridiculous accusation’

The green politician has criticized the fact that a storm of anger on the Internet can destroy livelihoods and that a “culture of annulment” is turning people in Germany into obedient speech machines. For his part, Palmer sparked anger with a statement in one of his responses accusing Ugo of being a “bad racist”.

But Palmer meant that mockery. He made a ridiculous accusation of racism that was raised against Ugo on the Internet and wanted to make him ugly. He wanted to clarify the absurdity of this accusation.

Palmer explained that the wrong impression is that he is the author of the sentence and a racist. Lehmann was forced to vacate his position on the supervisory board of Bundesliga club Hertha BSC due to a WhatsApp message via Aogo. After a controversial choice of lyrics for a TV show, Oogo is resting with his expert work on the pay TV station Sky.

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