June 24, 2024

Racism Report in Great Britain: Opposition Accuses Boris Johnson of Bleaching

Racism Report in Great Britain: Opposition Accuses Boris Johnson of Bleaching

A commission appointed by the United Kingdom government awarded the country excellent credentials for the equality of ethnic minorities. Other predominantly white countries in Europe and elsewhere should do the same, she said in a statement accompanying the report.

In the introduction, it read: “Simply, we no longer see Britain intentionally directing the regime against ethnic minorities.” The charge that racism is still institutionally entrenched in Great Britain does not stand up to fact-checking, writes the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the report as “significant work”.

Criticism from scholars and politicians

However, opposition and civil rights activists strongly criticized the study. Labor leader Keir Starmer and Halima Begum, head of the Runnymede Trust, a think tank for equality issues, spoke of an acquittal.

Kehinde Andrews, a professor of black studies at the University of Birmingham, described the report as a government “public relations” campaign that ran counter to the evidence. “This gives people an excuse to say that we don’t have to do anything, and there is no need to worry,” Andrews said in an interview with the British PA news agency. Black Labor MP David Lamy described the report as “an insult to anyone who suffers from institutional racism in this country.”

Since meeting Megan, there has been an increasing discussion of racism in Great Britain

Johnson commissioned the study after the Black Lives Matter movement’s protests against racism. Last summer, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Great Britain after African American George Floyd was killed in a US police operation. There, a debate about racism has emerged in society recently due to Prince Harry’s wife Meghan’s allegations against the royal family.

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According to the report, various minorities in the UK are now more successful than the average white majority in achieving formal educational goals. This applies, for example, to students from India, Bangladesh and Africa. Only children with Caribbean roots do worse than their white peers.

The state has also made great strides in the workplace. The wage gap between the majority white and ethnic minorities is now only 2.3 percent, and there is no longer any significant difference between those under the age of 30, according to the report.

One of the findings of the study was that some classes within the white majority were largely stuck in their social status. The committee therefore called for compensatory measures to focus less on individual ethnic groups in the future. Instead, more work needs to be done to remove all obstacles.