May 18, 2024

Quiz: Do you know which country has the longest coastline?

a test

Do you know which country has the longest coastline?

Obviously, one country ranks first with its coastline, and here you can prove your geographical knowledge.


These countries are in the top three on the list of longest coastlines: Indonesia, …


  • It is clear that one country is No. 1 in terms of the length of the coastline.

  • Other countries have not fared so well with the Sahel.

  • Because of the irregular shape of any natural coastline, numbers will vary depending on the form of measurement.

Now you are asked: Which country do you think has the longest coastline in kilometers? Guess without cheating.

The resolution is at the bottom of the article. Until then, we’ll focus on those countries that haven’t done so well in terms of coastline length.

These countries are unlucky when it comes to coasts

Serbia lived long and well Visitors to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. After the breakup of Yugoslavia and its subsequent secession from Montenegro in 2006, Serbia also had to say goodbye to its coast. This is harsh for Serbian tourism, the travel portal writes.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has also had a bit of luck with its coastline. Nestled between 1,800 kilometers of Croatian coastline, the country has just 22 kilometers of coastline. This is the second smallest coastline in the world.

Only one country has less coastline – Monaco. The length of the emirate’s coast, excluding ports and beaches, is 4856 meters. Compared to an area of ​​2 square kilometers, this is not so little.

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Here comes the decision

Conclusion: Canada has the longest coastline in the world.

Twitter / @RankingRoyals

With over 200,000 kilometers of coastline, Canada clearly ranks first. The mainland meets the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north and east Atlantic Ocean. The length of the coast of Canada is 200 thousand km, which is two and a half times longer than the coast of Norway, which occupies the second place. The coastline of mainland Norway is “only” about 30,000 km. However, if you add carrots, according to RankingRoyals, you get about 80,000 kilometers. Indonesia ranks third with more than 50,000 km, and Greenland’s coastline is more than 40,000 km.

However, the numbers vary widely by source. Wikipedia, for example, places the United States in second place with over 130,000 km of coastline and Russia in third place with a good 110,310 km. Every natural coast has an irregular shape. Therefore, the specific length depends on the accuracy of the map basis used and the accuracy of the measurement. Accurate measurements can increase the length of the shoreline.

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