June 14, 2024

Queen Elizabeth teased hateful about him in meetings!

Queen Elizabeth teased hateful about him in meetings!

Vladimir Putin kept the Queen waiting for the meeting. The king could not resist digging.

The basics in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2003.
  • According to former Home Secretary David Blunkett, the Kremlin chief came too late
  • Neutral Elizabeth couldn’t resist a bad joke.

70 years old sitting Queen Elizabeth The second: (95) already on the throne. by Winston Churchill (90) up to Donald Trump (75) – Elizabeth was All the important statesmen visit over the past decades.

In one instance, the honest king couldn’t resist a hateful comment: President of Russia Vladimir Putin (69)!

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett (74) remembers the meeting between the Queen and Kremlin– Boss in London. “The only time I met Vladimir Putin was in 2003 on an official visit. then my dog He barked loudly,” he says BBC.

Plunkett continued, “I apologized to the Queen who was the host. ‘I’m sorry Your Majesty, this is my country dog Barking loudly.”

Elizabeth replied like the shot, “Dogs have an interesting instinct, don’t they?” Dig into Putin!

The former Minister of the Interior recalls that the Russian was not polite at all and made the Queen wait 15 minutes. Such as KremlinWhen the boss finally arrived, he didn’t apologize for the delay.

And even today, about 20 years later, Queen Elizabeth “Not amused” by the Russian president’s behavior. According to British media, the monarch “generous donation” Made for needy Ukrainians. The exact amount was not given.

Do you donate to Ukraine?

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