October 5, 2023

Queen Elizabeth, Solid as a Rock, Professor Les Mayhew, Bayes School of Business, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Queen Elizabeth, Solid as a Rock, Professor Les Mayhew, Bayes School of Business, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Queen Elizabeth, Solid as a Rock, Professor Lees Mayhew, Bayes Business School

#Queen #Elisabeth II is an integral part of British history. She has been head of state for 70 years, has worked with 15 prime ministers and has experienced a period of unprecedented change. For 85 percent of the population, she is the only female head of state they have ever known. So her 96th birthday will be especially touching, especially as she approaches the end of her reign.

Her old age and exceptionally long reign earn her the attention and admiration of the entire world. Late last year, I researched the longevity of the British royal family compared to the general population. The research found that the royal family has a longer average life expectancy than people in the #UK. On average, a person born into the royal family lives 26 percent longer than the general population based on their # year of birth.

According to Forbes in 2021, the royal family contributes an estimated £1.9 billion a year to the UK economy through tourism and free media coverage – at least that was the case before the pandemic. As the main character of the #Commonwealth, #Queen is the cultural glue that holds the countries of the former British Empire together and helped maintain #commercial, #cultural, and immigrant ties.

In 1952, the population of the United Kingdom was almost exclusively white; Today about 15 percent of them are #black, Asian, or members of other ethnic minorities. During this period, the country also developed from a single religion to a society in which all religions are represented. The Commonwealth Games continue to bring social and economic benefits to the affected countries.

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Their presence is such a normal part of everyday life in the UK that we take them for granted. All over the world #ships, #schools, #hospitals, #sports events and #awards, #monuments and #sculptures bearing her name – even a mountain range. Postage stamps bear her image – Even the Republic of Djibouti this year issued commemorative stamps to celebrate its platinum anniversary.

Her sense of duty and unwavering style have inspired many, but her longevity and unwavering presence spanning seven decades will remain most remembered in history. Her impact on stability in the UK and the Commonwealth is a special feature of her reign – especially when we compare her to other heads of state.

1.) The study by Professor Lees Mayhew for ILC College and Bayes Business School “Royal Longevity: A Tale of Two Dynasties – ILCUK”, December 2021, compares the life expectancy of the Queen and the royal family with that of the Queen and the royal family. British public.