June 21, 2024

Queen Elizabeth: Private footage that has never been seen before has been posted

Queen Elizabeth: Private footage that has never been seen before has been posted

Queen Elizabeth
Unseen footage of her youth was posted

Queen Elizabeth – then and now.

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Queen Elizabeth has come of age in public, becoming Queen when she was only 27 years old. In April, the Queen celebrates her 95th birthday – and lets fans of the Royal peek behind the crown.

Queen Elizabeth, 94, is seven years old. She lives with her parents and younger sister, Princess Margaret, 71, at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. Suddenly her father, King George VI. (Known at the time as Prince Albert, Duke of York), 56, as if cutting little Elizabeth’s hair with scissors. The little girl runs away laughing.

Carefree, happy moments before Elizabeth’s uncle, King Edward VIII, 77, abdicated the throne in December 1936 and her father was suddenly forced to take over.

Little House: a haven for royal children

Change of scenery. Queen Elizabeth plays in front of “The Little House” – the miniature house made of straw and bleach on the grounds of the Windsors Royal Lodge. The small hut was handed over to Elizabeth and Margaret in March 1932 on behalf of the people of Wales on the occasion of Elizabeth’s sixth birthday.

“They absolutely fell in love with her. It’s the most wonderful gift,” says Lady Glenconner, 88, who maintains a close relationship with the family at the Queen’s coronation as Princess Margaret’s maid of honor and honor. The tiny house has since been called “Y Bwthyn Bach” or “The Little House” and has served as a stage den for royal children for nearly nine decades.

A romantic carriage ride across Canada

1951: Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 99, enjoy a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in Canada. The newlywed couple took to the camera in a good mood while admiring the gorgeous snowy landscapes of Canada. What You Didn’t Know The 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth: Just a few months later she lost her beloved father, King George VI. The king passed away in February 1952.

Prince Philip falls on his head in a pool

The royal family spends Christmas in New Zealand in 1953 on a tour of the Commonwealth, as these video recordings prove. Prince Philip enjoys the summer temperatures at the pool of New Zealand Governor-General Sir Willoughby Noori, as he and Queen Elizabeth attend guests, and drags his 10-year-old daughter, Sarah Stephenson, across the pool on her air mattress. Meanwhile, his wife Elizabeth captures a few moments with her movie camera as memories.

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Four years later: Queen Elizabeth takes a break for her children, with her eldest son Prince Charles, 74, daughter Princess Anne, 70, and her sister Princess Margaret, the Queen enjoying hours of relaxation on a Scottish beach in 1957. The tour group wears brightly colored jackets The hats are brightly colored, they are well equipped for a windy day by the sea. Together they build sand castles, roast, and even go swimming in the icy water.

Queen Elizabeth: New documentary for her 95th birthday

These and many other previously unseen recordings are shown in the new ITV documentary “The Queen Unseen”, which will be broadcast on ITV1 TV channel Thursday 9 April 2021, 9:00 PM UK time. The documents were produced to mark the 95th birthday of the king on April 21, 2021.

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