Queen Elizabeth II: When a craftsman gave her instructions

Usually the Queen makes the announcements. But sometimes these amusing moments exist when the opposite happens.

There is hardly anyone in the UK who does not know who Queen Elizabeth II is (95). Since 1952 she has been Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as Head of State in a personal union of 14 other nations such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Her coronation at the time was the first of its kind to be broadcast live. Next year, the Regent will celebrate the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne – so she will hold the throne longer than any British monarch before her.

Numerous castles, parks, swimming pools, a cinema – this is where the king lived. You can see it in the video above!

Fun Incident: The craftsman does not recognize the Queen

However, there can be strange incidents where not everyone recognizes the Queen right away. One such story occurred when a craftsman was busy at Buckingham Palace. When asked if he would like some tea, he gave harsh instructions – without realizing that he had just spoken to the Queen.

Princess Diana (36): Her cook reveals: Before that, she was afraid to eat with the Queen.
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Queen Elizabeth brings tea to unsuspecting artisans

The handyman was busy dismantling a desk. In this bending position he would hear the voice talking to him and offer him a cup of tea. But it hadn’t occurred to him that it was the Queen’s voice. Instead, he gave simple instructions: “Yes, in a cup. drunk.” This was stated by royal upholsterer Kevin Andrews in the Channel 5 documentary “Secrets of the Royal Palaces”.

The craftsman also said he wanted a decent tea for the construction workers: “I don’t want that crap I had last time” and reportedly said, according to mirror.co.uk, “All that good china and all that stuff with saucers”. Without saying a word, the Queen placed the teacup on the table. Just when she was about to walk out the door did the construction worker turn around to see who he was dealing with. But by then she was gone.

The Queen likely enjoyed meeting, she is known for her sense of humor and a friendly manner when she meets people you don’t know right away.

US tour group does not recognize the Queen at Balmoral

Another time, while walking, Queen Elizabeth met a group of American tourists as they were walking around her home in Balmoral, Scotland. For a short walk, Queen Elizabeth had tied the veil and put on a warm tweed jacket. In this appearance, she can be sure that she will not only stay warm during her forays into nature, but also be largely unrecognized, said her bodyguard Richard Griffin.

When the Queen met the unsuspecting group of tourists, she did not want to immediately blow her camouflage outfit. So I accompanied the tourists and did not show anything. When they asked if she lived in the area, the king replied that she had a house nearby. When asked if she had met the Queen, she simply said “No, but this policeman has met her before.” However, she pointed to her bodyguard. Richard Griffin – who worked closely with King for more than 30 years – went on to say that the group then moved on without them knowing who they had just met.

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