October 3, 2023

Elisabeth II. (M.) mit Joe Biden und seiner Ehefrau Jill (AFP / Arthur Edwards)

Queen Elizabeth II receives Biden at Windsor Castle

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II greets US President Biden and his wife Jill at Windsor Castle.

The 95-year-old and her guests first took part in a parade of the guard of honor. Then they went to the castle to trade. After the visit, Biden told representatives of the press at Heathrow Airport that Elizabeth was “very nice”. I asked him about the presidents of Russia and China, Putin and Xi Jinping. Biden added that she reminded him of his mother.

The President has already had the opportunity to meet the Queen at the G7 summit in Cornwall. She attended a reception on the first day of the meeting and entertained as she insisted on cutting a cake with a saber instead of a knife. With the exception of Lyndon Johnson, Elizabeth II has met all US presidents during her 69 years on the throne.

Meanwhile, Biden arrived in Brussels. There he will attend the NATO summit on Monday and the EU-US summit on Tuesday. Concluding his trip to Europe, he will meet Russian President Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

This message was broadcast on June 13, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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