April 13, 2024

Queen Elizabeth II meets Biden: These mistakes should not be repeated by Trump

Queen Elizabeth II meets Biden: These mistakes should not be repeated by Trump

When meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, strict rules of behavior are applied, which are immediately reprimanded by the press. BUILD: imago / pool images

Biden meets Queen Elizabeth II: He must not repeat these mistakes by Trump

Biden will travel to Great Britain for the first time as President of the United States and will meet the Queen there. His predecessor Donald Trump also met the Queen during his tenure and made many mistakes. They were all avoidable mistakes that should not happen to Joe Biden.

The meeting will take place during the G7 summit from June 11-13 in Carbis Bay in Cornwall. On the last day of his visit, Biden will take a short tour to Windsor Castle. As Buckingham Palace confirmed, there will be a meeting between the US president and Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump made some mistakes in 2019

State visits to the Queen are subject to very strict regulations. Etiquette in particular was precisely defined and any violation was considered scandalous in Great Britain. Donald Trump, who visited the Queen in 2019 with his wife and then first lady Melania, drew attention to himself with several embarrassing little blunders and is riven by the British press for it.

The English in particular remembered a small misstep at the state banquet. After Trump raised the glass to the Queen, she gently patted her on the back. However, touching a royal occasion is completely taboo and anything unwelcome in Great Britain.

A second incident led to heated debates in Great Britain during Trump’s visit. Upon stepping down from her honor guard, the then President of the United States simply ran away rather than stay by her side, as stipulated by royal protocol. In the past, there was also a lot of scolding and ridicule from the media.

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Last but not least, Donald Trump’s helicopter was said to have left severe burn marks on the Queen’s fine English lawn.

Joe Biden should pay attention to the right address العنوان

But even Donald Trump’s mishaps can still be overlooked given the many rules of conduct that must be observed when visiting the Queen. Even Michelle Obama firmly captured the British press in 2009 for embracing the Queen. Others saw it as nothing more than a friendly gesture.

In addition to prohibiting touching, it is especially important to respect things such as the dress code or the correct salutation. When Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth II meet for the first time, it is important that the word “Your Majesty” is addressed to the Queen. However, this can only happen once. Only “Madam” is required for the second greeting.

Kneeling and bowing are not mandatory according to Buckingham Palace

In the past, the importance of bowing and stowing at the first meeting with the Queen has repeatedly led to discussions. Kneeling and turning around are actually traditional, but according to Buckingham Palace there is no official regulation and therefore no obligation.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania deliberately avoided this salutation. However, other state visits that preceded them used the royal salute to honor the Queen.

In the past, the Queen herself was always comfortable with small violations of rules and disregard for etiquette. With both Donald Trump and Michelle Obama, I pretended nothing happened.

How Joe Biden will line up before the Queen remains unclear. However, the sure thing is that he will have so many etiquette rules that he has been told beforehand that he will not make even the smallest embarrassing mistake.

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