April 22, 2024

Queen Elizabeth II in her time as a lifeguard: "I was very proud of that."

Queen Elizabeth II in her time as a lifeguard: “I was very proud of that.”

Queen Elizabeth II has held the throne of the United Kingdom since 1952. It can be forgotten that the 95-year-old also lived before her coronation – for example as a lifeguard.

In a video link with the Royal Life Saving Society, the Queen looked back in a good mood to a time when she was a young lifeguard. “It was a huge success and I was very proud to wear the badge at the front of my swimsuit,” the 95-year-old said in a video of the meeting released by the palace on Monday.

According to the Royal Life Saving Society, Princess Elizabeth, aged 14, was the first person from the Commonwealth to receive the Junior Life Saver badge. “I didn’t even know I was the first.” The king said, “I just did it and I worked hard for him.” Pointing out that 80 years ago, she laughed and said, “This is terrible.”

A few days after her husband, Prince Philip’s funeral, the Queen began attending public appointments again – but almost always. On Tuesday, she is expected to attend the House of Lords in London to attend the traditional “Queen’s Speech”, which heralds the new beginning of the parliamentary season.

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