June 23, 2024

Qualification for the European Championship: Thanks to Lehmann and Bachmann – Switzerland beat Hungary 2-1

“Not our best performance” – Nati votes on 2-1 win over Hungary

The Swiss women’s team won the European Championship qualifiers over Hungary 2-1, and leads the group after three matches with the highest number of points. But people in the Swiss camp are not completely satisfied.

May 31, 2024

The Swiss women’s national team celebrates its third victory in its third match in the European Championship qualifiers. There was a 2-1 victory over its guest, Hungary, in Biel.

Sometimes things happen quickly: in the 57th minute, Dora Zeller was happily celebrated by her teammates, and just two minutes later the 29-year-old looked completely horrified. First, the Hungarian winger got her team back into the game by scoring an equalizer after some impressive preparation work, but then she made a clumsy challenge inside her own penalty area and conceded a penalty. The one who was fouled, Captain Ramona Bachmann, got herself up and immediately returned the lead to Switzerland.

Superior, but without the brilliance

The Swiss celebrated their third victory in a row. 2-1 was a fair result given the dimensions of the match, and the Swiss were outscored for long periods by the strongest rivals in the group. This is despite the fact that the omens were not the best.

The build-up to the match at Biel was marked by bad luck due to injuries. After Aurélie Silage, Alayah Pilgrim and Julia Sterley had to bid farewell to camp with injuries on Thursday, Marion Ray was also out on Friday with a groin injury. Naomi Migros has been transferred to the national team for her, but she has not yet appeared on the matchday squad.

Debutante Bowman is fearless

The tense situation of the staff also affected the lineup. Maryam Tarshon was deployed on the right side of the defence, which is unusual for her. Additionally, two players, Lydia Andrade and Larina Bowman, made their eleven-game debut, the latter in her first ever match as a national player.

Bowman, the 26-year-old full-back for FC St. Gallen, had a good game and equalized at the starting point to score the only goal of the first half. She skillfully worked her way through the Hungarian midfield with Ramona Bachmann. The captain then sent a deep pass to Smila Faluto, who in turn passed it back to Alisha Lehmann, who slotted it in front.

With the win at home, Switzerland remains on track to advance to League One of the UEFA Nations League, while Hungary has clearly fallen behind. The two teams will face off again on Tuesday, then in Budapest.


Switzerland – Hungary 2:1 (1:0)

Bial. – 2905 spectators. – Real Rusta (BUL). – Goals: 27. Lehman (Valluto) 1-0. 57. Zeller (Cesar) 1: 1. 61. Bachmann (penalty kick) 2:1.

Switzerland: Duke; Tershon, Caligaris, Bühler, Baumann; Andrade (61 Chehmelli), Reutler, Su, Valotto; Lehmann (86. People), Bachmann.

Notes: Switzerland without Silage, Pilgrim, Sterli and Rey (all infected). 88. People hits the post. Warnings: 59. Zeller, 68. Cesar.

Live tape for further reading

  • end

    Switzerland wins 2-1

    In the absence of many well-known players, the Swiss women’s national team celebrated its 2-1 victory over Hungary. Switzerland leads the group with the highest number of points after three matches.

  • 88.

    People hits the post

    Xhemaili passes the ball to newly substituted Seraina Piubel, who doesn’t hesitate long before shooting the ball. Your shot hits the left post.

  • 86.

    The second substitution in Switzerland, with Jubilee entering instead of Lehman

    Lehmann, who scored 1-0, makes way for People.

  • 85.

    Dangerous at first.

    This time Xhemaili does it really well. Lehmann fired him off with a front pass. However, their cross into the middle is blocked.

  • 83.

    Switzerland has everything under control

    Pia Sundhage’s side continues to control the ball, but mostly around the halfway line.

  • 77.

    Xhemaili lacks sensitivity

    Xhemaili sees Lehmann going deep and wants to play on him. But she did not time her pass correctly, and went straight out of bounds.

  • 72.

    Lehman with the next opportunity

    Attack as if from a single source. Calligaris plays a long ball that Tershon passes straight to Faluto. Valuto passes down the middle and finds Lehmann, who puts the ball into the net.

  • 70.

    You sprinkle with a rough carver

    Lehmann dances along the baseline and takes a layup. This does not pose any danger, at least for Switzerland. Because Tarshon played a very poor pass and started a counterattack, which quickly fizzled out.

  • 61.

    Second substitution in Switzerland: Xhemaili replaces Andrade

    Immediately after the goal, Sundhaj made his first substitution. Xhemaili comes into the game.

  • 61.

    Ramona Bachmann successfully executed the penalty kick, making the score 2-1

    You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Switzerland gets a penalty kick that does not require a whistle. Bachmann doesn’t care, she makes it 2-1.

    Calligaris warms up Bachmann after the score is 2-1.
    Calligaris warms up Bachmann after the score is 2-1.


  • 57.

    Zeller equalizes for Hungary

    With one interface swipe, several Swiss women are transported simultaneously. Seeler stands alone in front of Herzog and scores a goal to make the score 1-1.

  • 56.

    Herzog makes a strong save against Cesky

    Herzog makes a strong save and prevents the equaliser.

  • 53.

    Lehmann leaves the first opportunity untapped

    Once again, it’s Alisha Lyman who creates danger. However, she lacks the necessary killing instinct and misses increasing the score to 2-0.

  • 50.

    There’s no excitement in the second half yet

    In the first few minutes of the second half, a lot of things were fragmented.

  • 46.

    And we go

    Can the Swiss perform better in the second half?

  • Half the time

    Switzerland leads 1-0 at the end of the first half

    Switzerland led Hungary 1-0 at the end of the first half thanks to a goal from Alisha Lehmann. It’s a tough game, with few scoring chances. However, on a good day, Ramona Bachmann would have taken it to 2-0, but she wasted her best chance.

  • 40.

    Bachmann misses a great opportunity

    Bachmann releases Valluto down the right wing, who returns the ball to Bachmann, who shoots past the left post from the best finishing position. Bachmann usually doesn’t miss an opportunity like this.

  • 38.

    Calligaris cleans up

    Cesar increases speed in his own half, but puts the ball too far forward – Calligaris is wide awake and wins the ball.

  • 32.

    Next opportunity for Switzerland

    Lehmann is released and can control the ball in the opponent’s penalty area. The ball is passed into the back area for Andrade, who shoots the ball wide of the goal.

  • 27.

    Alisha Lehmann scored for Switzerland

    In the 27th minute, Ramona Bachmann plays a cross pass to Valuto, who in turn passes the ball directly to Lehmann in the middle. Number 23 hits the ball free into the net for a 1-0 lead.

    The Swiss celebrate Alisha Lehmann's goal.
    The Swiss celebrate Alisha Lehmann’s goal.


  • 23.

    The audience wakes up

    The two teams neutralize each other, and there is not much room for improvement. But at least the public is now waking up and getting things started. Maybe it will trickle down to the players.

  • 19.

    Herzog in this post

    Kumba Sow cannot control the cross and puts the ball directly at Babai’s feet. It withdrew but failed because of Herzog.

  • 15.

    Tarchon needs care

    Miriam Tershon accelerates the right wing and then hits Nemeth, who stands in the way as a barrier. Very painful, but it persists.

  • 12

    Bachmann fires Lehman

    Ramona Bachmann releases Alisha Lehmann, who stands alone in front of the goalkeeper and fails miserably. Your degree ends up directly in Hungarian hands. Finally, the referee whistle blew, offside. Therefore, the goal would not have been counted in any case.

  • 10.

    Switzerland hasn’t really taken off yet

    The Swiss play the ball back and forth, but there is no forward movement.

  • VIII.

    Corner for Switzerland

    Reutel’s cross was cleared for a corner kick. It wouldn’t really be that serious.

  • 3.

    First corner for Hungary

    The Hungarians attack from the right side, the first corner comes and that brings danger. The Swiss cannot clear the ball properly, so the shot comes from the second row. Herzog can defuse the shot.

  • 1.

    The ball is rolling…

    Kick-off for Hungary. It’s started…

  • The Swiss start eleven

    Elvira Herzog guards the Swiss goal again. Lydia Andrade and Larina Baumann are in the starting lineup for the first time.

  • Major absences

    Nati captain Lia Wälti and Noelle Maritz are missing injured players, both of whom have more than 100 international caps under their belt. Record player Ana Maria Crnogorcevic (157 matches / 72 goals) is also not in the squad. Several players had to leave injured during the week, including striker Alia Pilgrim.

  • Switzerland leads the group after two rounds

    Although Switzerland has already qualified as the host country, winning the group will still be of great importance. If Switzerland wins the group in the Nations League, they will be promoted back to the Premier League and therefore should have a better chance of qualifying for future tournaments.


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