‘Pyromancers in action’ – Romanian authorities suspect arson after another major fire – News

  • A large fire broke out in Rome on Saturday.
  • Plumes of smoke were seen from car junkyards across the city.
  • After a fourth major fire within a very short time, city officials assumed arson.

The Italian capital, Rome, is exposed to a series of unexplained fires. A fire broke out in the eastern part of the Italian capital, Saturday, spreading to several scrap yards for cars and part of a park. A large plume of black smoke was seen across the city.

“Attack on the city by rioters”

Firefighters were able to quickly control the fire. However, many homes close to the scene of the fire have been evacuated. This is the fourth major fire in Rome in the past four weeks. “It is now clear that Rome is under attack by rioters,” said Claudio Mancini, a close confidant of Mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

Observers assume that the fires are being set deliberately to harm the city’s administration and the new mayor. “The investigation will show whether it was a single crime or an organized crime,” Mancini added.

drought in italy

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With Liguria, District VI submitted to the central government in Rome for a drought emergency on Thursday. Prime Minister Mario Draghi had previously agreed to the requests of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In large parts of Italy, including the capital, Rome, it hasn’t rained properly in weeks.

Great fire in Rome

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