December 6, 2023

Putin’s spy whale “Hvaldemir” moves to Sweden

Three years later, the Hvaldemir beluga whale left Norwegian waters and headed for Sweden. The animal, which sports a mysterious webbing on its back, became known in 2019 as the Russian “spy whale”.

Hvaldemir has been seen frequently in Norway for three years, most recently before Oslo, OneWhale reports. The environmental organization is committed to the health of its iconic marine mammals. Now the whale has been spotted off the Swedish city of Honbostrand.

“We don’t know why it is moving so fast at the moment,” marine biologist Sebastien Strand told AFP. All he can do is speculate that hormones or loneliness are driving Hvaldemir to find new water.

However, Pisces should not find anything specific about Sweden. Beluga whales usually live in the north, around Greenland or in the Arctic.

At the end of April 2019, a tame and curious beluga whale was sighted by the Norwegian Coast Guard off the coast of the country’s northernmost county, Finnmark. He approaches fishing boats and wears a belt with a camera with the inscription in English “St. Petersburg Equipment”.

At the time, the Norwegian Fisheries Department speculated that Hvaldemir had escaped from captivity and was being trained by the Russian Navy.

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Biologists managed to remove the dishes from a 13- or 14-year-old beluga whale for closer examination. However, the purpose and origin of the equipment remains unclear to this day. Moscow has never officially commented on the speculation.

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