June 20, 2024

Putin’s original marching orders: with a walking frame at the front

Frightened sailors on Russian cargo ships asked their bosses yesterday: Should I add now?

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s original marching orders show what the deployment of 300,000 “reservists” meant.

Walker for Luhansk (IP)

In the so-called “1”. Level” applies to “Soldiers, Sailors, Non-Commissioned Officers up to 35 years”, “Junior Officers up to 50 years”, “Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Captains up to 55 years”, “Colonels, 1st rank up Captains”. Up to 60 years”.

Finally, the “senior officers”, i.e. the highly decorated old generals. There, “1. Status” every 65 years. “2 in. Stage” then strikes once every 70 years.

With a walk on the Ukraine front – according to the Kremlin boss. He puts women quotas on the march – but only in “3. level”, ie “without officer rank up to 45 years” and “officers up to 50 years”.

The so-called reservists are soldiers and officers who have not served for years or even decades.

There are no refresher courses in Russia.

That means ranked players should train first. And if this isn’t enough time, they’re making cannon fodder for the battle-hardened Ukrainians.

Mentally, these people are far superior to the “newbies”: they defend their own country.

Putin’s marching orders in red could lead to withdrawal movements. One-way airfares to Ankara are sky-high.

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